Friday, 26 December 2008


Wow Christmas came round fast! Christmas Day started very early for me as I was singing at a carol service at 11pm so didn't get home till about 12:20am. Then has to check that Santa had put presents in Tyler's pillowcase ;). The wee dude woke up at 4:33am (!!) but I got him back to sleep and then actually had to wake him so that he could open his presents before Chris went to work. He was ecstatic with his Ultimate Omnitrix and Battling Transformers, plus loads of other bits and pieces.
We went to Mum and Richard's just before 10am to open presents with the Howards and Betty & Dennis and we were all blessed with lovely gifts. Then Helen and I went to Elizabeth's for our yearly ritual of christmas cake and sherry. Back to Mum's for a wonderful Christmas dinner with ham, turkey, new potatoes etc followed by plum pudding with custard and cream, and shortbread and mince pies. Mum gave us all individualised Christmas crackers which Tyler loved. Chris was able to leave work early enough to have some dinner and open his presents with us.
Here's Tyler in his new shirt from Nan:

Tyler and cousin Stephen:

Monday, 1 December 2008

Busy busy busy

Goodness it's almost a month since I last posted! Into the Christmas run-up now, so it's all go. Tyler is really getting into Christmas this year. Every morning as soon as he wakes up it's "Count how many sleeps till Christmas" and I have to do it with my fingers. Today we opened the first door on G-A Betty's advent card (thank you Betty!) and Tyler got the first gift from our advent hanging. In each pocket I have tucked a piece of paper with a picture representing some part of the house, or object in the house. A gift will be hidden at that spot. Today he found a doctor's kit in his gumboot :)

Last night A Capella had its Christmas concert. We did John Rutter's 'Mass of the Children' and as well as the organ we had percussion, a flute and a lovely children's choir with us. I was the soprano soloist and I think I did ok. I also did a duet 'Love Came Down at Christmas' with another soprano. This a link to an article and photo in the Southland Times the other day.

Tyler is settling really well in the pre-school room at daycare. He is very conscious that he is now a big boy and corrects me if I say we are going to Surrey Park by saying "No! I go to Pre-School!" He loves singing the National Anthem in both English and Maori. When he first started singing it, the line 'from the shafts of strife and war/kia tau to atawhai' came out as 'taa ti ta ti ta ti ta ti ta ti taa.

He has had a bit of a growth spurt and it is awkward getting trousers to fit him as if the waist is the right size the length is too short. He is still chanelling Spiderman on a daily basis, and is Ben 10 mad. Any game/DVD/book which involves swordplay also gets his vote.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Springs things

The flowers are blooming, the cattle are lowing - oh sorry, that's Christmas -the lambs are gambolling and baby chicks are falling out of their nests.

Touch has started, Anton has left school *deep breaths, Christine, deep breaths*, and Tyler is bouncing on his trampoline.

Thursday, 9 October 2008


Hmm, what shall I be today?

How about..... a tiger!

Or maybe....Spiderman!

Or better yet....Ben 10!!!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Spring has sprung

And what heralds spring better than the baa-ing of little lambs as they gambol in the paddocks? Here is Ethan, one of two pet lambs for us this year. The other (Tracy) wouldn't stay still long enough to be photographed. And just in case there was any doubt, they were named by Tyler :)

Tyler is transitioning to the next class at daycare, the Pre-School room. He is very conscious of the fact that he is growing up and the yesterday he told me he wasn't going to wave goodbye to me because "I'll be OK Mum".

He is finally starting to go to bed by himself and then going to sleep. He recognises when he is tired instead of insisting that he is the Energizer Bunny.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

RIP Milly

Chris' wee dog Milly died on Friday :( A few days before that she had some kind of fit, but seemed OK afterwards. Then on Thursday her hindquarters went limp and she couldn't walk. She went off her food and was not responding to us. We bathed her and popped her on the sofa on a towel. Offered her a saucer of icecream which she loves, and she just looked away. She spent the night on the front porch snuggled into a blanket. When I got up I opened the door and patted her and she looked up at me and then half got up. I thought she was better than the night before, so went off to have my shower. When I looked out the door again she had gone from the blanket and I saw she had gone down the steps and was lying by my car. I rushed over but she was gone :( Chris has buried her on the farmlet that she loved and will make a wee metal plaque for her grave.

This is one of my favourite photos of her, with Tyler about a year ago -

Milly in her usual pose, looking up adoringly at Chris

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Rosina is staying for a few days and has brought her new puppy, Sherry with her. How cute is she!

Tyler is mostly over his chicken pox and is back at daycare. He had a great time today with Chris' workmate's little boy on their respective four-wheelers out at Sandy Point.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

More pics of Mr Spotty. He's coping pretty well, although having to be inside with this rainy weather isn't helping.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Join the dots

Daycare called me late Friday afternoon to say that Tyler was running a bit of a temperature, complaining of a sore ear and generally being a bit clingy. I took him home and got some Panadol into him which bought the temp down quite successfully. He was fine to go to the airport that night to greet Granna and Richard off the plane from England (welcome back!) but was still a bit tired and clingy.

Next morning he came to snuggle in bed with us and as Chris was giving T's back a rub he felt something. We discovered a couple of small spots. By lunchtime they were appearing practically as we watched. Calamine seems to be keeping the itching at bay, and he is coping quite well although apt to burst into tears at minor things. This photo doesn't show the spots very well but he has a good covering and he has some quite big ones under his right eye and round his mouth.
Last night we went to Andrew Meikle's 21st party and today we popped into Rices Expo where Chris and I treated ourselves to an MP3 player each with bluetooth headphones. Can't wait to download my CD's as I don't have a CD player in my car. We also drove out to Riverton Rocks and went crab hunting. Although overcast, it was quite pleasantly mild with no wind.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Here's another of Tyler's birthday presents, a Transformer toy. Now that he is 4 he has a tendancy to say things like "4-boys brush their teeth by themselves" and "I am 4 so I can do (xyz)"

But the funniest thing of late was when we were all jumping on the trampoline together. Chris started tickling Tyler who wriggled free, leapt to his feet and started pointing furiously at his head and shouted " Stop tickling me -my brain is going to fall out!"

The other day I was practicing some songs and he was playing with his toys near me. Every minute or so it was "Mum, look at this" or "Mum can you help me get that toy/book/thing" After having my warblings interrupted for about the 20th time I said through clenched teeth "What IS it Tyler?!" and he smiled at me and said "That's lovely singing Mama". Aaaaw *sniff*
Yesterday he and Chris went to the Riverton Rocks and got quite close to a small seal which Tyler was quite excited about.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Tyler!

Tyler had a lovely day for his birthday on Friday. We waited for Chris to come home from nightshift and then T opened his presents and we had breakfast together. The Star Wars light-sabre went down a treat so we now have the constant sound of zzzzhhooom zzzzhhooom as Tyler swishes the sabre through the air, fighting Darth Vader. He then went to daycare where he got to wear the special birthday hat and all the kids sang happy birthday to him.

Yesterday we had his party at Chipmunks. Party guests were Luke and Angelina from daycare, Ella, Stephen and Rebecca. The kids had a great time running around squealing and laughing and climbing all over the slides and obstacle courses (didn’t they Stephen??! *lol*) and then ate lots of unhealthy food. Charlie Chipmunk bought in Tyler’s birthday cake and we all sang Happy Birthday. The kids carried on running around and the adults sat down for a nice quiet coffee 

Here are a couple of party photos:

Birthday Boy

Tyler and Angelina

Saturday, 9 August 2008

I spy with my little eye......

Tyler has discovered how much fun can be had with a camera. His technique needs some work (endless photos of his feet and random bits of ceiling) but he makes up for it with enthusiasm. This photo is one he took himself while investigating the workings of the lens.

Sadness again in the Campbell-McLeod household. I got pregnant again in June and had an early scan which showed a little bean with a heartbeat. Very excited after what happened last time at the first scan. Plans were made for a CVS in Christchurch in August, but on 28 July (ironically the day our other wee bean would have been due) I started bleeding. It settled down for a while but then amped up again, this time with cramping and contractions. A scan revealed that wee bean had died several weeks earlier. My body valiantly tried to miscarry naturally but didn't quite manage it so I ended up in hospital yesterday for another D&C. Heartbreaking, but we will get through it.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Some people frown on kids going to daycare but by crikey they sure know how to teach kids manners! (Well Tyler's daycare does anyway). Now it's 'Excuse me Mama, but can I.....?' and 'Sanks for getting me my ....' He's also going through a kissing phase and I'm never going to get tired of that :) Chris traded up Tyler's quadbike and he now has a racey green one. I always feel a combination of fear and 'oh he's so cute'-ness when he's riding around. He certainly takes after his father in the thrill-seeking department. On the other hand, as we were driving to work/daycare the other day, I put on a CD of one of my favourite sopranos and he said "Ooh I like that music Mama!' That's my boy, I'll make a tenor out of him one day.

It's fast approaching Chris' 40th birthday, but as usual he is completely vague about a) what presents he would like and b) what form of celebration he wants. I think he has some kind of gene that prevents him planning more than 2-3 days in advance.

Anton has been in a bit of bother at school which has resulted in him experiencing a very boring term break. Lets hope it's the end of it. He starts a Star course this term which will give him some insight into the building trade which is what he wants to get into.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

It's been a bit of a week of it really. Culminating in Anton being suspended from school. Actions have consequences but it seems some teenage boys are missing the synapses that prompt them to think twice. *sigh* Don't you just want to drag them 10 years into the future and make them look back at today so they can see the flow-on effect of their actions? And I'll probably get to do it all over with Tyler in 10 years time - aaaarggh!

Tyler is just gorgeous at the moment, full of kisses and cuddles but asserting his independance. He now likes to do some of his own tooth-brushing instead of being a passive receiver. The tongue must be brushed by someone though! He enjoys helping with dish-washing (yay) and is particularly keen to assist with cooking and baking. He likes to 'stirn' the baking ingredients and like all small children likes even better to sample the mixture :)

No snow here as yet although it keeps threatening. I hope it stays away - I hate driving in snow.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Tyler after licking the chocolate cake beaters.
Not much to report here, we are all just trying to keep warm. -7C frosts the last two days. Chris took Tyler to the motorbike track yesterday and he fearlessly headed up the biggest hill on his quad bike. He nearly made it but because it was so wet and muddy ended up sliding back down again.

Last Saturday we had Alania, Baz and Ella round for a mid-winter Christmas dinner. Ham and roast veges followed by pav, jelly, fruitsalad and icecream. Mmmmm :)

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Tyler's had a bit of a growth spurt so we bought some new clothes for him today. We also bought him some motorbike gloves as it's very hard for a small boy to ride his quad bike with his hands in his pockets!

He is really clear now saying his name and address and knows what number to call in an emergency. He is also quick to tell us off if we cough and don't do it into our 'armbow'. *lol*
Anton has turned 16 and is having a party at his Mum's place today/tonight. Chris gave him a digital camera and I got him a radio alarm-clock so he doesn't have to endure me banging on his door to wake him up. As I said to him - I don't mind what time you choose to get up as long as you are ready to go by 8am.
Netball has been going well, we won our last two games quite convincingly. I have also been doing quite a bit of singing and fluting, include two fund-raiser concerts. One of them was quite a challenge as it was in drama theatre and most of the light comes straight on, so when I went to play my flute piece I found the shape of the music stand showing through my music and also lines of the music on the page underneath (definitely not good when it's in a completely different key!). Also every time I glanced up at the audience I would get blinded by the light. Never mind, we got through with only a couple of minor flubs.
Chris is having a boys night out tonight - rugby, pool and talking boy-bollocks, so T-man and I will have a cosy night in together.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Welcome winter!

Ah yes, winter has arrived, although in saying that we have really not had the freezing temps, just rain and wind. Lots of mud for Tyler to ride his four-wheeler through - he just loves it. Here he is after a session this morning.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Oops, it's been a while since I updated this blog as Chris tartly pointed out to me yesterday. It's not entirely my fault though - first there was a broken modem to be replaced, (thanks for the all tech help Dad), then a trojan had its evil way with my PC and dial-up has been getting slower and slooowwwerrr.

So... Tyler's cast is off (a pink one no less! - his choice) and his arm is fine. I'm busy signing and fluting at various events. Anton has been red-carded at school for wagging - grrrr!

I'll try and post a pic of Tyler with his pink cast but in the meantime, here's a cute one of him at Chipmunks.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

It wasn't the fall, it was the sudden stop...

Think back to February last year - one small boy falling off a seat, hand out to save himself, result two broken bones in his arm. Fast forward to Wednesday 9th April 2008. One small boy, tree-climbing at daycare, falls, hand out to save himself, one broken bone in arm. Ah yes, it looks as if we have one of THOSE children. A broken bone for every year he's been alive. This time they put some different padding stuff under the plaster of paris so hopefully there will be no nasty allergic reaction like last time. He had a couple of bad nights but is doing fine now - to the extent that he started trying to climb one of the trees here at home! *rolls eyes*
Anton has been busy - school, part-time work at KFC and last night paint-balling with Zoe and friends.

Netball started today for me, grading games this week and next. The old body is feeling a bit sore after two games at centre.

No nibbles on the farmlet yet. Looks like we might end up hunkering down here for the winter.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

We went to Isobel's 75th birthday party yesterday and I was so proud of how well-behaved Tyler was! He was so polite and didn't just go and grab food, he asked first. He even had a conversation with a nun :)

On Thursday I shot up to Dunedin to attend Claire Barton's final recital for her M.Mus. No doubt at all she will get it - it was a wonderful performance. I stayed with the Harwood's, so it was nice to catch up.

Today we are off to the Ascot School fair with Alania and Ella. It's been raining but looks like it might clear. And then some more open-homing.

Sunday, 30 March 2008


Friday night we had my workmate Alania's daughter Ella staying over with us will Alania and her hubby went on a Litigation team bonding trip. Ella is two and a bright wee button and she and Tyler get on really well. He was very good at sharing his toys with her so there were very few 'moments'. I was particularly proud of him when Ella tried to take his shoes from him and he first got upset and then went away and got her a substitute pair! I just wish he would go to sleep like she does - three stories, lights out and then asleep in 5 minutes.
Here are a couple of photos:

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Waiting, waiting, waiting......

House update - the contract on our place fell through so we are back to square one with that. We lost out on the Kennington property (the prior contract confirmed) so we signed up on a place in Lewis Street. We have got an extension of time to confirm on that till late April so here's hoping. It's not our ideal home, but it is lovely. It has the kind of kitchen I'v always wanted - not flash but big enough for a big table to have lots of people sitting round nattering and drinking and eating. The kitchen flows through to a conservatory and out onto decking.

A Capella did Messiah last Sunday. It went not too badly despite some hairy moments courtesy of the men. The soprano soloist was Rebecca Ryan and she was magnificent - her coloratura was amazing and 'Rejoice' went like the wind. I was lucky enough to score a lesson with her later in the week which was a lot of fun and very educational.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

And the weather came to the party...

.....for Jo and Tatsuya's wedding. What a lovely ceremony for a delightful couple. Helen was bridesmaid and didn't she scrub up well?

In fact all the Howards looked pretty flash.

Chris and I weren't too shabby either.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Finally - a haircut!

Tyler HATES having his hair cut. It's always 'Damowow' (tomorrow), 'Saturday' or '5 sleeps' so finally we just held him in the chair and cut, Tyler wailing all the while. He agreed that I could start with just scissors but given that I know nothing about hair-cutting, the result was a lopsided pudding bowl! So out came the clippers and to his loud and tearful protestations, away I went. When we'd finished (which included wiping a snotty, hair-covered face) I took him to the mirror to show him how cool he looked. 'Look at my beautiful hair!' he exclaimed.

Friday, 29 February 2008

What a cutie :)

Last Saturday we took Tyler to the Weber Bros. Circus. He really enjoyed it, especially when a clown came and gave him a High 5! Every day we detour past the circus so he can look at the big tent and relive the experience in his mind.

After the circus visit we went to Queens Park for Tyler to play in the playground. He demanded that I go down the big slide after him. So I hauled myself up there and then started sliding down. Only to get stuck 2/3rds of the way down because kids had been going down in wet bathing suits. So I half stood up to get myself over the damp bit and WHEEEEE! I did the big banana-skin slip. Thought I had sprained my thumb, had a seriously ouchy elbow and my butt.....oooooh the pain!! It's even worse now! And did Chris rush over and soothe my bruised body (not to mention battered pride)? Nope, he couldn't stop laughing long enough! Here's the bruise 2 days after the event.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008


With all this lovely weather, Tyler has discovered the joys of the Queens Park water play area. He still won't voluntarily put his head underwater, but he will run under the jets (shrieking all the way).

Saturday, 9 February 2008


Goodness it's been a while since I updated! And things have been happening. We have signed up for another property. A 5 bedroom place in Kennington with a games room, conservatory, great decking and an acre of land. We are only a backup contract though so have to wait to see if the prior one falls over.

We also have a conditional contract for the sale of the farmlet, so a waiting game there too. I guess if it's meant to be, it will be. Chris' Mum came down and had a look at the Kennington place and felt good about it too.
Last weekend I went to the NZ Masters Games in Dunedin for netball. We were unfortunately in the wrong grade but we had a blast all the same. On Wednesday Chris and I played in a Waitangi Day touch tournament - our team was called Ngati Pakeha! :)
I have been having blood tests since my miscarriage as they found something slightly awry after testing the POC but it looks like all is OK now.
Tyler cracked us up the other day by calling out "Hey Dad! C'mere a tick!" Sounded just like his Daddy.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Yesterday we took Tyler on a 'Thomas & Friends' train ride on the Kingston Flyer. There was a Thomas face on the engine, Thomas music playing on the speakers and a man dressed as the Fat Controller who took the tickets. At the halfway point when the engine was being turned round, the kids watched a magic show. There was a lolly scramble and hooray! they ignored all that PC/OSH bullsh!t, and Chris got hit on the forehead *lol* Tyler objected strenuously to having his photo taken so no smiles in these photos but apart from that he was an excited wee chap. It turned into a roasting hot day. Trust us to decide to take the Holden for a run and no air-conditioning.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Happy Birthday Rachel :)

Wednesday was my friend Rachel's birthday, so Tyler and I hopped in the car and headed to Dunedin for the day. Tyler had a a fantastic time in the paddling pool and playing with the other kids (and often happily on his own too). His Mum had a pretty good time too, meeting lots of Rachel's nice friends and their kids. The chocolate cake was delish! Cruisy trip back to Invervegas with a dogleg down to Tiwai to pick up Daddy from work. The photo above is of Tyler and Rachel's wee girl Sam who is the same age as T-man.

Sunday, 6 January 2008


Yesterday we (me, Chris, Tyler and nephew Stephen) went up to Cromwell for the annual New Year touch tournament. It was a scorchingly hot day, mostly in the mid-30's so it was pretty hard yakka. Lots of fluids and sunscreen (or sun-scream as Tyler calls it). And yes I know I shouldn't have been playing but I just wanted to do something normal. Oh and I can thoroughly recommend 'Daylong' sunscreen.

We played really well considering we had a couple of young kids and others who hadn't played for the team before. Young Stephen got a couple of excellent tries and played himself into the ground to the extent that he ended up with really bad hammy cramps. Me and Chris - the old fogeys - managed to get around OK but we are a bit stiff and tired today. Tyler behaved like the proverbial Energizer Bunny all day and then crashed on the way home.

Alania, Baz and Ella came out to the farmlet today for a yummy BBQ lunch, Bruce and Ali visited later on and then Rosina arrived back from Te Anau to stay the night. We did a bit of a tiki-tour round the newests subdivisions of Invervegas for her benefit.

Here's Stephen and Tyler at the touch tournament....

Friday, 4 January 2008

So, just to update in relation my missed miscarriage. I waited to see if it would happen naturally. It didn't so I opted for Medical Management (use of drugs to assist miscarriage). This was only partially successful so yesterday I had a D&C at hospital. It's been a long hard journey and I'm glad the physical aspect is over apart from the after-effects of the D&C.