Sunday, 17 July 2011

Faffing about

As you can see, I'm trying a few things with the layout of the blog. I need to sort out the HTML so I can make the photo at the top a tad smaller (not that I don't love it, but it's a little in-your-face).

We've had a nice lazy weekend, the first of the school holidays. The weather played ball and was sunny for both days. Chris had a big night with the boys last night and so T-man and I dragged ourselves out of bed at 5am to pick him up. Fortunately this only occurs approximately twice a year, so for T it is an adventure and for me, a way to bargain for something I want :) To clear his head this afternoon, we took Pedro and headed out to Daffodil Bay and ran, walked, jogged and skipped our way around, managing in the main to avoid tripping over Pedro's lead.

I'm back to work tomorrow and the boys are planning a trip to the movies to see Kung Fu Panda 2. The next day T goes to the OSCAR holiday programme and the following day he's going to Kidzone with his schoolmate.

I'm finalising my repertoire for the Senior Vocal competitions at the end of the 3rd term. I'm going all out to win the Scholarship this year. I reckon I would have won last year if it wasn't for the dreadful test piece for sopranos which was twice as difficult as the tests set for altos, tenors and basses. Fortunately this year's is very straightforward - Music, When Soft Voices Die by Quilter. I have yet to decide what my contrasting piece will be. So far I'm doing Mahler for the Lieder, Handel for Oratorio, Duparc for French Art and Bach for the duet with my friend Ruth. Now if I can just figure out how to reliably get into my whistle register.....

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Tyler has really taken to board games and strategy games lately. We have been having endless sessions of Connect 4 and the little dude embarasses both his mother and father on a regular basis. He'll sit there, little yellow disc (he's always yellow) in hand muttering "What are you up to you? What were you thinking doing that?" And more often than not he figures us out and with a triumphant grin sends his disc sailing into the slot that prevents our line of four. He also likes card games such as Fish and Snap. He's mostly grown out of sulking when he doesn't win :)

Intense concentration

And just because I've always loved this photo and because I'm feeling sentimental as my little baby is turning 7 - seven! - next month....

No I haven't gone to Siberia......

....although with a heavy snow warning currently in force it may yet feel like that. Yes yes I know I've been a slack blogger again! I do have a few photos to download but it's so cold in the computer/music room that I tend not to spend to much time in there. But I shall try and gird my loins and get some loaded.

I'm hoping to get some of Tyler in his costume from his recent school production (he was a mad scientist) but I haven't seen any as yet. Apparently the school is creating a DVD which we can buy. (Tyler asked me if I wanted to 'buy the production').

Back soon - promise!