Monday, 24 January 2011

Tyler and Chris have just spent a boys weekend in Te Anau which included rabbit shooting, fishing off the jetski (and losing Tyler's rod overboard necessitating the purchase of a new one) and visit to the Gloworm caves.

Meanwhile, yours truly was free to enjoy some girl-time and tick a few things off the to-do list. Went to see The King's Speech (and can thoroughly recommend it). Followed by my favourite Thai peanut satay beef. Eyebrows professionally dealt to. (Incidentally, isn't it ironic that I lighten my hair and darken my eyebrows?) Watched a DVD on Shostakovich's 'war' symphonies with historical background. Had a 3GW catch-up sitting in the sun quaffing Brown Brothers' Zibbibo and inhaling mini cup-cakes.

Last week of the school holidays so I have taken today and Friday off to spend some more time with Tyler. Today I told him he could choose whatever he wanted to do today and suggested he write a list. Here it is :)

We have now crossed off #4 but have yet to get to #'s 5 & 6. 'Mooives' was Megamind, 'Games' was Beetle and Candyland and 'Pictures' was drawing pictures for each other. 'Playstation' was his new Ben 10 game (me watching him with one eye and making encouraging noises and reading a Dick Francis with the other).

He's off to the movies with the other OSCAR kids tomorrow as both Chris and I are at work. Singing lessons start this week - mi mi mi mi mi ahem cough cough. Best I go and do some more practice!

Saturday, 15 January 2011


Me: Let's go to the Museum.
Tyler: It's boring.
Me: But there will be skeletons there!
Tyler: Boooooorrring!
(15 minutes later)
Tyler: Oh wow, cool! Look at those skeletons!

And the rest was pretty enjoyable to judging by his comments.

Museum was followed by a play in the park and lunch at the Cheeky Llama cafe.

And on a completely different note - the bigger boy in life may be a qualified chef, but that doesn't stop him having fun with my breakfast :)

Monday, 10 January 2011

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig

We had a very brief but enjoyable trip to Christchurch, staying with Rosina. We had a little taste of what the poor locals have been putting up with when we were in a shop and a short, but sharp after-shock hit. The salesman we were talking to bolted on us (seriously I don't think his feet touched the floor on the way out the door) and by the time we realised what was happening it was all over. The rapid shaking was quite different to the swaying, rocking type that we tend to get down here.

Tyler, Chris & Rosina

A boy and his dog

Arts & Crafts time

Chris is back to work so Tyler and I are just puddling about. Glorious day yesterday so we headed off to Riverton beach for some paddling and crab-hunting, followed by the obligatory icecream.

Ready to check out the rock pools at Riverton

But the best thing that has happened these holidays? This piece of paper that Tyler casually handed to me the other day:

Monday, 3 January 2011

Jetski = fun

Sunday morning we said goodbye to the Harwoods and, jetski in tow, headed up to the Hennessy's in Kelvin Heights where Chris dropped me, Tyler and the jetski off and headed over to Cromwell for their annual New Year touch tournament. Tyler quickly availed himself of the outdoor spa and Julie H and I took their two jetskis for a blat and trundled down towards the Shotover bridge to have a nosy at the big development which has been taken over by the Hilton. On one set of apartments, each one has it's own outdoor spa. Bet it costs a bomb to sit their with that million-dollar view.
Speaking of million dollar views, it's quite weird sitting on the Hennessys' balcony and watching the 'Million Dollar Cruise' boat go past with tourists snapping photos and a loudspeaker pointing out all the flash houses. I feel as if I should have been wearing diamonds and giving them all the Queen's wave!
This morning started with rain and low cloud but that quickly dissipated and Jim H, Chris and I took the jetskis out for a good fast run over to Queenstown, enjoying the waves out in the channel (and getting a fairly good wetting now and again when meeting a wave wrong). I got our jetski up to 82km before chickening out. Determined to make the ton next time :) Whitebait patties and scallops for lunch (not me - ewww!!).
Off to Chch tomorrow for a few days.