Sunday, 27 September 2009

Just a few random photos:

Tyler playing the 'kitchen drums'

Ben 10 drawing

Tyler, Chris, Pedro, Felix

I was supposed to be singing in the annual competitions this weekend. Developed a head cold around Wednesday, sang three songs (not terribly well but got a first and 2 seconds) on Friday night and then woke up Saturday with no voice! Was gutted that all that preparation was for nothing. :(  Still sulking about it.

Tyler said to me this morning "I don't want it to be the holidays, I want to go to school!" Long may it last.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

The more things change.....

So, tomorrow was supposed to be the first day of my new job. Only...I'm staying at PRLaw! A long and strange saga, and the end result is that I will have a much-expanded job (IT and HR) with a good increase in salary, plus a number of perks. Back in management again. How ironic. I won't bore anyone with the saga, just believe me when I say I NEVER want to go through a day like last Thursday! My leaving dinner turned into a 'Welcome Back' dinner :)

Tyler is still enamoured of school. His drawing and language have taken a leap in complexity. We had his first school Mass today, he seemed to cope with the rituals ok. I asked what happened when he went up the front and he said "The man patted me on the head twice". :)

Two Friday's ago at work we held a 'PRLaw's Got Talent' show. Suzanne Prentice was one of the judges. We had team entries and individuals. Some of the team numbers were absolute classics and included one of our Associates, a 6'5" broad-shouldered mans' man dressed in drag as part of a Rocky Horrow Show item. I did a funny operatic piece and won the individual section.

Apart from that not too much else to report except the spring has truly arrived - yay!!!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Every day we learn something new

Conversation with Tyler after school last Friday (remembering it is a Catholic school):

Me: So what did you do at school today?
T:    Amy.
Me: Oh, is Amy a friend?
T:    No, you know Mum - in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amy.

He refused to believe me when I said the word was Amen so I guess I'll have to leave the correction to his teacher.

He made Chris a cool card and bookmark for Fathers' Day. His school had a PTA Fathers' Day fundraiser where each child had to take a small thing e.g. handwritten poem, small trinket, baking, drawing to school and then each child paid $1 to choose a gift for their Dad from the all the things brought in. T came home with a pair of mini-pliers for Chris. Very apt!