Sunday, 20 September 2009

The more things change.....

So, tomorrow was supposed to be the first day of my new job. Only...I'm staying at PRLaw! A long and strange saga, and the end result is that I will have a much-expanded job (IT and HR) with a good increase in salary, plus a number of perks. Back in management again. How ironic. I won't bore anyone with the saga, just believe me when I say I NEVER want to go through a day like last Thursday! My leaving dinner turned into a 'Welcome Back' dinner :)

Tyler is still enamoured of school. His drawing and language have taken a leap in complexity. We had his first school Mass today, he seemed to cope with the rituals ok. I asked what happened when he went up the front and he said "The man patted me on the head twice". :)

Two Friday's ago at work we held a 'PRLaw's Got Talent' show. Suzanne Prentice was one of the judges. We had team entries and individuals. Some of the team numbers were absolute classics and included one of our Associates, a 6'5" broad-shouldered mans' man dressed in drag as part of a Rocky Horrow Show item. I did a funny operatic piece and won the individual section.

Apart from that not too much else to report except the spring has truly arrived - yay!!!!

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