Saturday, 19 July 2008

Some people frown on kids going to daycare but by crikey they sure know how to teach kids manners! (Well Tyler's daycare does anyway). Now it's 'Excuse me Mama, but can I.....?' and 'Sanks for getting me my ....' He's also going through a kissing phase and I'm never going to get tired of that :) Chris traded up Tyler's quadbike and he now has a racey green one. I always feel a combination of fear and 'oh he's so cute'-ness when he's riding around. He certainly takes after his father in the thrill-seeking department. On the other hand, as we were driving to work/daycare the other day, I put on a CD of one of my favourite sopranos and he said "Ooh I like that music Mama!' That's my boy, I'll make a tenor out of him one day.

It's fast approaching Chris' 40th birthday, but as usual he is completely vague about a) what presents he would like and b) what form of celebration he wants. I think he has some kind of gene that prevents him planning more than 2-3 days in advance.

Anton has been in a bit of bother at school which has resulted in him experiencing a very boring term break. Lets hope it's the end of it. He starts a Star course this term which will give him some insight into the building trade which is what he wants to get into.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

It's been a bit of a week of it really. Culminating in Anton being suspended from school. Actions have consequences but it seems some teenage boys are missing the synapses that prompt them to think twice. *sigh* Don't you just want to drag them 10 years into the future and make them look back at today so they can see the flow-on effect of their actions? And I'll probably get to do it all over with Tyler in 10 years time - aaaarggh!

Tyler is just gorgeous at the moment, full of kisses and cuddles but asserting his independance. He now likes to do some of his own tooth-brushing instead of being a passive receiver. The tongue must be brushed by someone though! He enjoys helping with dish-washing (yay) and is particularly keen to assist with cooking and baking. He likes to 'stirn' the baking ingredients and like all small children likes even better to sample the mixture :)

No snow here as yet although it keeps threatening. I hope it stays away - I hate driving in snow.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Tyler after licking the chocolate cake beaters.
Not much to report here, we are all just trying to keep warm. -7C frosts the last two days. Chris took Tyler to the motorbike track yesterday and he fearlessly headed up the biggest hill on his quad bike. He nearly made it but because it was so wet and muddy ended up sliding back down again.

Last Saturday we had Alania, Baz and Ella round for a mid-winter Christmas dinner. Ham and roast veges followed by pav, jelly, fruitsalad and icecream. Mmmmm :)