Sunday, 21 August 2011

7th Birthday

Just realised I haven't uploaded photos from the wee dude's 7th birthday party so here we are. We started with a family tea on the Saturday night which included a pirate-themed ice-cream cake. Rebecca went all camera-shy in this one:

Of course this was the weekend that the 'unprecedented polar blast' started sweeping over the country so there was some concern given the regular snow showers and gale force winds that his party might end up being postponed but luckily the weather held out. He had 3 girls and 6 boys over and we played some typical party games such as Charades, Pass the Parcel and so on. Here are some of the boys hanging out in the lounge and the girls with Tyler (contrary to the look on his face he was enjoying their company!):

I thought the 3 girls might get a bit side-lined with the boisterous boys, but no, they were right in the thick of things including a game that I will call 'How many kids can we pile up?'

The party was of the typical kids' birthday party variety i.e. containing copious amounts of sugar and fat and virtually nothing of nutrional value. Cheerios, fairy bread, fizzy, lollies, chips etc.

Here's Tyler ready to blow out the candles on his Bakugan cake

Amongst other things, we gave Tyler a watch.

All in all a happy but very tiring weekend for all of us.

In other news, Chris has the middle finger of his left hand in a splint after tearing the tendons off the bone at netball and I have just found out today that I have made it into the local Rugby World Cup choir and will be singing (from memory) the anthems of Scotland, Romania and Argentina. Very excited!!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Seven sleeps

Only 7 sleeps till the wee dude is 7. The excitement is building and his first waking thoughts are centred on his upcoming party. It's going to be a big weekend for him - on Saturday he has a school-friend's party to go to plus his we're having a family tea here, then Sunday is his own party. I think it will be early to bed on Sunday night, assuming he has come down from the sugar-high. Fairy bread does that to a boy.

His current fav toys are Bakugans (hence the style of the invitation) and Beyblades. The house frequently echoes with cries of 'Ability activate!' and 'Let it rip!'

Apart from that, we are all just ticking along. Singing is about to amp up again with a concert in Alex at the end of the month and then preparation for Competitions at the beginning of October. I have a regime of steam inhalations and tablets for various sorts to follow in an effort to get my throat problems sorted once and for all.

Assuming I remember to charge the camera batteries there should be plenty of photos to upload in a week or so.