Sunday, 12 June 2011

War wounds

Both my boys have recently received injuries in almost exactly the same place. First Chris at rugby from a random sprig at a ruck which dug a deep hole beside his left eye and then Tyler got a nice split at the corner of his left eye while playing at the pool with his wee mate.

Felix the cat has changed from being a mistrustful outside cat to an inside snugglepuss.

The kids are allowed to have a pair of slippers at school to change into in the classroom. Here's Tyler's choice. Note that he still has shorts on!

Tyler is really starting to get into his reading now and has discovered that he can read a book by himself. He came home from school on Friday and told me that he had read the first four chapters of his Zac Power book. He finished reading the book out loud to me at bedtime.

Random pretty picture :) Taken from the our house one morning.

Tyler is still obsessed with Bakugans and our lounge floor is constantly scattered with the little round toys and their cards. This makes for an interesting crossing from one side of the lounge to the other if one is not paying attention!

Winter has set in and we have the fire cranked up most days. Fortunately a lot of the days while being cold, are also sunny and calm so not unpleasant. Chris has had another couple of moles removed as a precaution - one on his back and another on his calf. I'm off to the doctor tomorrow to get my throat checked out. It hasn't been right since I lost it at the last opera performance. It's very frustrating especially because I have discovered an absolutely gorgeous piece by Mozart that I want to learn - Ora Pro Nobis from the Regina Coelis K108 (start at 6:40)