Sunday, 29 June 2014

Southland is the place to be this winter

While storms rage over the rest of the country on a semi-regular basis leaving uprooted trees, floods, slips and power outages in their wake, Southland has escaped and although cold and sometimes wet and windy, we have got off rather lightly so far. Of course August/September when the lambs are due is often a different story.

Not much to report: 

Tyler is waging a campaign for a basic cellphone so he can text with his friends. ALL of them have a phone Mum don't you know??! While Chris and I are not averse to this (it will truly be a basic phone with only the ability to text and make the odd phone call to us) he is having to earn it with good behaviour and so that is extending the process somewhat :)

He has been playing table-tennis on a Wednesday, pairing up with one of the girls in his class and they have been doing quite well.

We are enjoying the fruits of summer's wood gathering/chopping/stacking as the fire keeps us toasty warm on the cold nights. Tyler has claimed the big lounge suite chair as his and sometimes invites Pedro (who is not getting any younger) to join him.

Chris is busy at work, as he has been relief crew-leading for the last couple of months. He is also starting to do a bit of fitness work in preparation for his Golden Oldies rugby trip to Argentina in September. 

I've been doing lots of singing (including at the funeral of my old boss and mentor which was very sad but an honour). I have a concert on July 13th where I have some solos and a duet as well as choral work and then there's a little break, which will be welcome and allow me to focus on my repertoire with my singing teacher.