Sunday, 25 November 2007

The end at last!

My exam is over and - thanks to a kind tutor who let me know my results early - I know that I got an A+ woohoo!!! Great way to finish the Diploma. Graduation to look forward to now (apart from the funny hat).

Not much to report here. Both Chris and I got sick last weekend with some kind of tummy bug. I had a mild dose but he was quite crook. Luckily neither of the boys got it. Anton has just come back from school camp which he really enjoyed - lots of outdoor activities like kayaking. Tyler's latest favourite saying is "I'm gonna give you hand, Dad". The weather has been fabulous so we have been enjoying the farmlet lifestyle.
Here's a pic of the boys carked out on our bed watching Harry Potter.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Here's a pic of Chris and Tyler when we were at the museum (who's name completely escapes me at the moment) in the old Dunedin Railway Station.

Nothing much to report at the moment. Tyler's toilet-training is going well. He amused me no end the other day when he was getting ready for bed and pulled his pj pants up under his armpits. "You look like a nerd" I laughed. "I am" he replied!

Only 2 weeks till my final Commerical Law paper exam. Eeks. I know I will pass, but I want to pass well. And here I am playing on the computer instead of studying. Oops *blush*

Touch season is well under way. I'm only playing one game a night (for PRL) but Chris is playing his usual 3. So far the weather has been not too bad. Nephew Stephen plays for my work team too, it's great having a fit young thing with plenty of skills on board. Last Thurday we played against the Smelter team that Chris plays for and we drew 4-4, which wa s probably the ideal outcome!