Sunday, 25 January 2009

Playing together

Working on Chris' philosophy that the family that plays together, stays together he bought a bike trailer for Tyler so we can all go cycling together. Tyler loves it and pedals the whole way. He even got up and asked to go for a bike-ride yesterday morning.

I have torn by calf muscle again so it's off to the physio for me tomorrow *sigh*

Sunday, 18 January 2009


We had a big thunderstorm hit yesterday about tea-time. It was Tyler's first decent look at lightning and he was quite excited trying to spot each flash. The neighbours's sheep went a bit dotty with the thunder and didn't know which way to run. Then the rain hit and it was torrential. Haven't seen anything like it! Followed by a tremendous downpour of hail. This was the view out of the kitchen window about 2 minutes after the hail started. The rain has flooded part of the lawn and the hail covered the rest. The whole storm lasted ages.
Chris has started back at work today after a couple of weeks off. I start back on Thursday, so I got up early this morning just to get my body clock back into work mode.

Here's Tyler mucking around with my headscarf. He looks like a little washer-woman :)

Monday, 12 January 2009

Tyler and I and the Howards visited Betty & Dennis at Mum's today, as they fly back to Auckland tomorrow. Betty is looking 200% better than when we last saw her :) Here's a famil shot.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

A gratuitous photo of our wee Dude :)

Sending healing vibes to Aunty Betty who has landed in hospital here in Invervegas with viral pneumonia. Helen and I visited her today and I am pleased to report that despite her discomfort she has not lost her sense of humour.
Big 'Hi' to Julie and the Dines family :)
We are off to Christchurch via Queenstown tomorrow, first visiting Chris' uncle and Aunty and then staying with Rosina. Then down to Oamaru to visit Leona followed by a stop at Dunedin for Rachel's housewarming/birthday party. EBB invasion!
Tyler went to a friend's 5th birthday party today, and is so tuckered out he has gone to sleep on the couch.