Sunday, 28 September 2008

RIP Milly

Chris' wee dog Milly died on Friday :( A few days before that she had some kind of fit, but seemed OK afterwards. Then on Thursday her hindquarters went limp and she couldn't walk. She went off her food and was not responding to us. We bathed her and popped her on the sofa on a towel. Offered her a saucer of icecream which she loves, and she just looked away. She spent the night on the front porch snuggled into a blanket. When I got up I opened the door and patted her and she looked up at me and then half got up. I thought she was better than the night before, so went off to have my shower. When I looked out the door again she had gone from the blanket and I saw she had gone down the steps and was lying by my car. I rushed over but she was gone :( Chris has buried her on the farmlet that she loved and will make a wee metal plaque for her grave.

This is one of my favourite photos of her, with Tyler about a year ago -

Milly in her usual pose, looking up adoringly at Chris

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Rosina is staying for a few days and has brought her new puppy, Sherry with her. How cute is she!

Tyler is mostly over his chicken pox and is back at daycare. He had a great time today with Chris' workmate's little boy on their respective four-wheelers out at Sandy Point.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

More pics of Mr Spotty. He's coping pretty well, although having to be inside with this rainy weather isn't helping.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Join the dots

Daycare called me late Friday afternoon to say that Tyler was running a bit of a temperature, complaining of a sore ear and generally being a bit clingy. I took him home and got some Panadol into him which bought the temp down quite successfully. He was fine to go to the airport that night to greet Granna and Richard off the plane from England (welcome back!) but was still a bit tired and clingy.

Next morning he came to snuggle in bed with us and as Chris was giving T's back a rub he felt something. We discovered a couple of small spots. By lunchtime they were appearing practically as we watched. Calamine seems to be keeping the itching at bay, and he is coping quite well although apt to burst into tears at minor things. This photo doesn't show the spots very well but he has a good covering and he has some quite big ones under his right eye and round his mouth.
Last night we went to Andrew Meikle's 21st party and today we popped into Rices Expo where Chris and I treated ourselves to an MP3 player each with bluetooth headphones. Can't wait to download my CD's as I don't have a CD player in my car. We also drove out to Riverton Rocks and went crab hunting. Although overcast, it was quite pleasantly mild with no wind.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Here's another of Tyler's birthday presents, a Transformer toy. Now that he is 4 he has a tendancy to say things like "4-boys brush their teeth by themselves" and "I am 4 so I can do (xyz)"

But the funniest thing of late was when we were all jumping on the trampoline together. Chris started tickling Tyler who wriggled free, leapt to his feet and started pointing furiously at his head and shouted " Stop tickling me -my brain is going to fall out!"

The other day I was practicing some songs and he was playing with his toys near me. Every minute or so it was "Mum, look at this" or "Mum can you help me get that toy/book/thing" After having my warblings interrupted for about the 20th time I said through clenched teeth "What IS it Tyler?!" and he smiled at me and said "That's lovely singing Mama". Aaaaw *sniff*
Yesterday he and Chris went to the Riverton Rocks and got quite close to a small seal which Tyler was quite excited about.