Sunday, 7 September 2008

Join the dots

Daycare called me late Friday afternoon to say that Tyler was running a bit of a temperature, complaining of a sore ear and generally being a bit clingy. I took him home and got some Panadol into him which bought the temp down quite successfully. He was fine to go to the airport that night to greet Granna and Richard off the plane from England (welcome back!) but was still a bit tired and clingy.

Next morning he came to snuggle in bed with us and as Chris was giving T's back a rub he felt something. We discovered a couple of small spots. By lunchtime they were appearing practically as we watched. Calamine seems to be keeping the itching at bay, and he is coping quite well although apt to burst into tears at minor things. This photo doesn't show the spots very well but he has a good covering and he has some quite big ones under his right eye and round his mouth.
Last night we went to Andrew Meikle's 21st party and today we popped into Rices Expo where Chris and I treated ourselves to an MP3 player each with bluetooth headphones. Can't wait to download my CD's as I don't have a CD player in my car. We also drove out to Riverton Rocks and went crab hunting. Although overcast, it was quite pleasantly mild with no wind.

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