Saturday, 21 June 2008

Tyler's had a bit of a growth spurt so we bought some new clothes for him today. We also bought him some motorbike gloves as it's very hard for a small boy to ride his quad bike with his hands in his pockets!

He is really clear now saying his name and address and knows what number to call in an emergency. He is also quick to tell us off if we cough and don't do it into our 'armbow'. *lol*
Anton has turned 16 and is having a party at his Mum's place today/tonight. Chris gave him a digital camera and I got him a radio alarm-clock so he doesn't have to endure me banging on his door to wake him up. As I said to him - I don't mind what time you choose to get up as long as you are ready to go by 8am.
Netball has been going well, we won our last two games quite convincingly. I have also been doing quite a bit of singing and fluting, include two fund-raiser concerts. One of them was quite a challenge as it was in drama theatre and most of the light comes straight on, so when I went to play my flute piece I found the shape of the music stand showing through my music and also lines of the music on the page underneath (definitely not good when it's in a completely different key!). Also every time I glanced up at the audience I would get blinded by the light. Never mind, we got through with only a couple of minor flubs.
Chris is having a boys night out tonight - rugby, pool and talking boy-bollocks, so T-man and I will have a cosy night in together.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Welcome winter!

Ah yes, winter has arrived, although in saying that we have really not had the freezing temps, just rain and wind. Lots of mud for Tyler to ride his four-wheeler through - he just loves it. Here he is after a session this morning.