Monday, 3 January 2011

Jetski = fun

Sunday morning we said goodbye to the Harwoods and, jetski in tow, headed up to the Hennessy's in Kelvin Heights where Chris dropped me, Tyler and the jetski off and headed over to Cromwell for their annual New Year touch tournament. Tyler quickly availed himself of the outdoor spa and Julie H and I took their two jetskis for a blat and trundled down towards the Shotover bridge to have a nosy at the big development which has been taken over by the Hilton. On one set of apartments, each one has it's own outdoor spa. Bet it costs a bomb to sit their with that million-dollar view.
Speaking of million dollar views, it's quite weird sitting on the Hennessys' balcony and watching the 'Million Dollar Cruise' boat go past with tourists snapping photos and a loudspeaker pointing out all the flash houses. I feel as if I should have been wearing diamonds and giving them all the Queen's wave!
This morning started with rain and low cloud but that quickly dissipated and Jim H, Chris and I took the jetskis out for a good fast run over to Queenstown, enjoying the waves out in the channel (and getting a fairly good wetting now and again when meeting a wave wrong). I got our jetski up to 82km before chickening out. Determined to make the ton next time :) Whitebait patties and scallops for lunch (not me - ewww!!).
Off to Chch tomorrow for a few days.

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