Monday, 10 January 2011

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig

We had a very brief but enjoyable trip to Christchurch, staying with Rosina. We had a little taste of what the poor locals have been putting up with when we were in a shop and a short, but sharp after-shock hit. The salesman we were talking to bolted on us (seriously I don't think his feet touched the floor on the way out the door) and by the time we realised what was happening it was all over. The rapid shaking was quite different to the swaying, rocking type that we tend to get down here.

Tyler, Chris & Rosina

A boy and his dog

Arts & Crafts time

Chris is back to work so Tyler and I are just puddling about. Glorious day yesterday so we headed off to Riverton beach for some paddling and crab-hunting, followed by the obligatory icecream.

Ready to check out the rock pools at Riverton

But the best thing that has happened these holidays? This piece of paper that Tyler casually handed to me the other day:

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