Monday, 1 December 2008

Busy busy busy

Goodness it's almost a month since I last posted! Into the Christmas run-up now, so it's all go. Tyler is really getting into Christmas this year. Every morning as soon as he wakes up it's "Count how many sleeps till Christmas" and I have to do it with my fingers. Today we opened the first door on G-A Betty's advent card (thank you Betty!) and Tyler got the first gift from our advent hanging. In each pocket I have tucked a piece of paper with a picture representing some part of the house, or object in the house. A gift will be hidden at that spot. Today he found a doctor's kit in his gumboot :)

Last night A Capella had its Christmas concert. We did John Rutter's 'Mass of the Children' and as well as the organ we had percussion, a flute and a lovely children's choir with us. I was the soprano soloist and I think I did ok. I also did a duet 'Love Came Down at Christmas' with another soprano. This a link to an article and photo in the Southland Times the other day.

Tyler is settling really well in the pre-school room at daycare. He is very conscious that he is now a big boy and corrects me if I say we are going to Surrey Park by saying "No! I go to Pre-School!" He loves singing the National Anthem in both English and Maori. When he first started singing it, the line 'from the shafts of strife and war/kia tau to atawhai' came out as 'taa ti ta ti ta ti ta ti ta ti taa.

He has had a bit of a growth spurt and it is awkward getting trousers to fit him as if the waist is the right size the length is too short. He is still chanelling Spiderman on a daily basis, and is Ben 10 mad. Any game/DVD/book which involves swordplay also gets his vote.

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