Sunday, 17 August 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Tyler!

Tyler had a lovely day for his birthday on Friday. We waited for Chris to come home from nightshift and then T opened his presents and we had breakfast together. The Star Wars light-sabre went down a treat so we now have the constant sound of zzzzhhooom zzzzhhooom as Tyler swishes the sabre through the air, fighting Darth Vader. He then went to daycare where he got to wear the special birthday hat and all the kids sang happy birthday to him.

Yesterday we had his party at Chipmunks. Party guests were Luke and Angelina from daycare, Ella, Stephen and Rebecca. The kids had a great time running around squealing and laughing and climbing all over the slides and obstacle courses (didn’t they Stephen??! *lol*) and then ate lots of unhealthy food. Charlie Chipmunk bought in Tyler’s birthday cake and we all sang Happy Birthday. The kids carried on running around and the adults sat down for a nice quiet coffee 

Here are a couple of party photos:

Birthday Boy

Tyler and Angelina

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