Saturday, 22 March 2008

Waiting, waiting, waiting......

House update - the contract on our place fell through so we are back to square one with that. We lost out on the Kennington property (the prior contract confirmed) so we signed up on a place in Lewis Street. We have got an extension of time to confirm on that till late April so here's hoping. It's not our ideal home, but it is lovely. It has the kind of kitchen I'v always wanted - not flash but big enough for a big table to have lots of people sitting round nattering and drinking and eating. The kitchen flows through to a conservatory and out onto decking.

A Capella did Messiah last Sunday. It went not too badly despite some hairy moments courtesy of the men. The soprano soloist was Rebecca Ryan and she was magnificent - her coloratura was amazing and 'Rejoice' went like the wind. I was lucky enough to score a lesson with her later in the week which was a lot of fun and very educational.

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