Saturday, 26 November 2011

Winners are Grinners

Wow two posts in one day! :)

As mentioned in an earlier post, Tyler's flippaball team, the Sacred Heart Seals made the finals of their grade last week. So yesterday was Finals Day. Both Chris and I took some time off work to be there. It was particularly important for Chris to be there as he has the loudest voice and can got through the noise to give the kids instructions. They got away to a good start by scoring the first two goals but then the opposition came back with three in a row. Half time 2-3. Plenty of instructions from the sideline and the defence picked up. At full-time it was 5-5. So into Golden Time they went and we scored! The kids were SO excited to win. The school gets a trophy and the kids all get certificates which will be handed to them at school assembly on Monday. Tyler got to choose tea and so off to Maccas we went.

Chris coaching (Tyler's the one with his arms up)

Sacred Heart Seals - Winners of the B grade Flippaball final 2011

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