Saturday, 5 November 2011

Cupcake fun

On Friday, Tyler brought home his latest choice of Library books. Usually these are of the Zac Power variety but this time he brought home a kid's cook book. "Want to do some baking Mum?" For those of you who don't speak fluent Child, this roughly translates as "You do all the preparation, mixing and baking and I will lick the spoons and scrape the bowl and then do any decorating required until I get bored with it".

The cupcake mixture was a bit different from the one I would normally use and added to the fact that our oven is playing silly buggers at the moment, we ended up with cupcakes that tasted good, but were crunchy on the outside and flat in the middle. Not to worry, the decorating surface was fine.

Tyler chose the colours for the base icing:

Some of our efforts with the newly-discovered icing writing pens

Mum's first effort

Tyler's depiction of Mummy. (Honestly, I don't drink much)

Tyler is now tugging at my arm, requesting that we make popcorn so off we go for another culinary adventure.

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