Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The sun appears - hooray!

It's been a rainy, windy couple of days, but the sky is now blue and the sun shining, the wind little more than a light breeze. Perfect for backyard cricket. Oh and for getting No.3 haircuts:

Tyler was in a helpful mood this morning, and who was I to stand in his way?? Dave and Leona are staying with us for a couple of days, so I did a big cooked breakfast and when I was about to launch into the dishes, the wee dude offered to help.

I always find it interesting the varied positions which Tyler seems to find comfortable to watch tv.

Chris is off to Te Anau for the night, to catch up with a bunch of old school mates, one of whom he hasn't seen for 20 years. Naturally he wanted to look his best :) so I gave him a haircut and finally persuaded T to have one too.

Apart from that, we are just chilling out - playing Connect Four and cricket, eating more than is good for us and enjoying the company of family. And soon friends, as the Harwoods arrive on New Year's Eve for a couple of days. It's so good to have a house big enough to accommodate everyone! Although with two 6 year olds, a 4 year old and a 7 month old, I'm guessing the house will seem quite full ;)

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