Saturday, 25 September 2010

Singing competitions

Competitions day - morning session complete. Two wins from 2 classes! Operatic Aria and French Art Song. With a special thanks for 'such a beautiful Clair de Lune' from the adjudicator.

Four classes this afternoon - 2 of which have a high potential for disaster :) Updates to come.

UPDATE 5pm: No results yet as they were running late and I had to nip home to feed the kiddies. However, Oratorio was so-so (with one glaring error), Comic was great so hoping to place in that, own Selection was a disaster and Duet was ok, despite some probs with the piano accommpaniment. Voice is very ragged, so I may not do Lieder class and just give up the remains of my vocal chords to the Scholarship class. Back later......

UPDATE 10am Sunday: Didn't update last night, too tired and quite frankly I was bummed out. Came second in the scholarship, basically because I made some errors in the timing of a couple of entries in the test piece. Technically it was fine. And 'Let the Bright Seraphim' rocked! But thems the breaks. It's what happens on the day. I even pulled out of the Lieder class so I could give it everything in the scholarship. I did end up with a first in the Comic, so I'm very happy with that. And despite what I felt was a disastrous 'Rejoice Greatly' in the Own Selection class, I came 3rd. Haven't seen the adjuicator's report on that yet, and I'm curious to know what it says!

So summing up: 3x 1st, 2x 2nd, 1x 3rd and 1x 3=  Not too bad an effort. Not to mention about $600 in prize money - having said that, the money is totally not what motivates me when it comes to singing.

Feeling a bit jaded this morning, which is the norm. There are a couple of classes this afternoon which I'm not in, so I can go along and just relax and enjoy other people's singing. Not to mention I can listen to CD's other than those of the songs I've been rehearsing!

Sorry it's been all me me me meeeee! Normal Tyler and family updates will resume shortly :)

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