Sunday, 12 September 2010

House photos

Finally some house photos. A lovely day today here in Invervegas. Chris has done a heap of work on the garden - unfortunately we didn't take any 'before' photos. Anyway here are a few:

This is my equivalent of Chris' 'man-cave'. It has the computer, piano and finally a bookshelf to hold all my music.

This is the main lounge

The dining room

Tyler's room

Our room, featuring our new Superking bed

Our room again, looking towards the ensuite

The towel stand. I'm showing this because it makes me feel flash :)

Outside facing the lounge, Tyler and Pedro enjoying the sun

Some of Chris' handiwork  - this time with Tigger enjoying the sun

Outside the kitchen/dining area - Chris is digging out the stony bit by the three short bushes

And here is Tyler reading in bed

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