Saturday, 18 February 2012

School's in.

Ooh that's embarrassing - it's just over a month since I last posted. Well I have been busy you know!  I need to get out of the mindset that every post has to be a novel. :)

So, Tyler is back at school. His new teacher seems very nice. Word is that she also strict, which certainly meets with my approval. The kids have had swimming lessons for the last two weeks although given the minimal amount of pool space each group has and the short amount of time actually in the pool, I really don't know how much they learn. Flippaball started yesterday and Tyler's team - the Sacred Heart Seals -  had a big win. It was over a younger team though so who knows what the result will be next week. He is still playing soccer on a Monday but unfortunately no touch this term as they were not enough kids interested. We think a lot of that has to do with how the teams were composed last term plus the fact that there were not many games.

Chris and I participated in the NZ Masters Games in Dunedin over Waitangi weekend, he in touch and I in netball. I had a lot more fun game-wise than he did as his mixed team was put into the Mens 40's section meaning that the men in the team who normally both mixed and mens couldn't play in the mixed. So new bods were bought in at the last minute and of course they didn't know the team game plays. Very frustrating. In netball we had 8 games in 3 days, so quite hard on the (increasingly-aging) body. However we performed the best we ever have so we were pretty happy about that. 

The Sunday night was themed as 'The 80's' and so each team member had to draw the name of another team member and, spending no more than $10, buy that person an 80's outfit. These were then presented to the person on the Sunday afternoon and we all got changed and our hair and makeup done in glaring 80's style. Once I track down a pic of me I will post it in all it's neon, shoulder-padded glory. 

These Games also marked the 10th anniversary of Chris and I getting together so to celebrate we went out for a romantic dinner at......the Khmer Satay Noodle House!! *rofl*

Last weekend Chris ran the Surf to City (12 k's). Here he is all concentration coming up to the finish line.

I've realised that I've taken virtually no photos of the wee dude in the last month or so, so I will rectify that shortly.

PS My nephew Stephen has just arrived at his new hostel in Dunedin in readiness for the start of his first year at University - does that make me feel old or what?!

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