Saturday, 3 September 2011

Warning: Contains Willy references. :)


Tyler is sitting on the couch watching TV, hands down the front of his pants in the classic male way.

Tyler: Mum, why do have you have to have two balls?

Me: Well it would be a bit much to have three wouldn't it?

Tyler, looking anxious: But why do we have them, because you keep thinking about them, and then feeling them....

Me,feeling slight panicked about where this is heading: Look don't worry about them now, you'll just need them when you grow up.

(Yes I can see you all rolling your eyes and thinking surely you could see where this was going? I could but, a nano-second too late)

Tyler: What for?

Me: Um, because they help make babies.

Tyler: *silence* then with a derisive snort: Nah, babies can't come out your willy!! Oh wait, maybe if you go *scrunches up face and makes sound of person with severe constipation* it will come out.

Me: Oh look, Ben 10's on TV!!!

My dear mother if she reads this, will likely be laughing her head off and recalling an incident of my childhood in which the church minister was at our home for afternoon tea and I, maybe seven? eight? and obviously reading something interesting, called out loudly from the bedroom "Muuuum, where are your testicles?"

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