Sunday, 17 April 2011

Now that was weird - I went to the list of posts and it showed one as just a draft - check out the post below entitled 'Swim, swim - ouch! Scoot, scoot -ouch! You'll see a photo that I posted in a more recent post. So that will have to keep you going till I post some more.

In brief:

School holidays have started.

Tyler got a really good review from his teacher - yay!

Rehearsal's for the Hansel & Gretel opera start this week. I have the prettiest costume :)

The weather has been shite this weekend, but the fire is lovely.

The A Capella concert of Easter music went really well today.

Chris played rugby yesterday and didn't get injured - bonus.

Happy Birthday Leona!!!

A Brown Brothers Cienna is calling my name. Back when I have some more photos.

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