Thursday, 8 April 2010

On the move?

Our farmlet is not officially on the market, but it is still on the books with one real estate firm. Every 5 or 6 months we'll get asked if someone can have a look through but so far nothing has come of it. A couple of weeks ago we had what appeared to be a very interested buyer, all they wanted to do before making an offer was arrange a builder to check if additions were do-able. But so far nothing has been arranged.

However, the real estate agent rang this morning and said he had a couple who wanted to look through this afternoon. We now have a very good offer sitting on the dining room table. Eep!

8:50pm UPDATE: After a bit of offer/counter-offer we have an agreement! The purchasers have to confirm finance and the sale of their own property (which is already signed up) by 21 April. So keep your fingers crossed for us. Now comes the question of what to do - buy or build??

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