Monday, 28 December 2009

Yesterday we headed out to Colac Bay for lunch with our friends PJ and Steph at PJ's Dad's crib. It's a great crib, the epitome of the typical NZ crib of the good old days (oh heck I've started doing that "In my day..." thing!). The weather was beautiful so we took their dogs for a walk along the beach and collected mussels (max 25 per person of course). Chris later steamed these and served them in a broth as an appetiser for tea. Naturally I did not partake and Tyler took a small taste and wrinkled his nose up. Tyler also got to ride a boogie board for the first time. PJ ran along the edge of the surf, towing him along behind. He canned off a couple of times but was unfazed. I forgot take the camera dang it.

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